Cuckoo clocks

Back to the studio!  Among all of the other projects I am working on in the studio, (Julia Skops plates, Temi’s serving bowls, and Michelle’s gold pedestal cups, all of which are made, but still drying), I am going to get started on another one.
  Last March I started making cuckoo clocks out of clay.  I never actually completed any of them, but I was able to work through some ideas, and resolve problems that I ran into while I was making them. And now I think it is time to make a few, but it will be my version of the old classic.

  To be honest, I really don’t know why I feel like I need to make this type of clock.  Or why I am interested in clocks in general.  I suppose the reason could be as simple as, the fact that I think clock hands can be very ornate and beautiful, and I like the imagery of deer, leaves, birds.  They have a rustic sophistication to them that I find appealing.  And, I may shamefully say, trendy. I will post some pictures of my progress soon!

I see red and white

  Whenever I travel to a city, one of the first things I notice, of course, is what people are wearing.  In May of 2007 I traveled to Paris with my husband.  One of the major trends, specifically with the younger generation (those in their mid twenties) was wearing black and white horizontal striped, over sized tops, with skinny jeans and ballet flats.  Two to three years later, you see everyone sporting the striped tops and skinny jeans here in the states.

  So last year I read that one of the winter trends Parisians were donning was red and white.  The fashion reporter, (I don’t remember the web site I got this from, sorry) said that all the women were wearing scarlet red scarves, red nail polish and white sweaters.  My prediction is that this winter people will be doing the same.
I went through my web-closet and put together an outfit that would fit right in on the Champs Elysees scene.
 1. white sweater from Jcrew, 2. red scarf, 3. governess cap from Anthropologie, 4. skinny jeans from Divine Rights of Denim, 5. boots from Aldo, 6. cuff bracelet by Temi Kucinski, Revlon nail color.