Boston the South End

 This weekend my husband, son, and I are in the South End of Boston, looking at potential places to live.  Yes, we are moving.  (I will post more about it, once we get closer to the actual move.) We are sad to leave Rochester, NY, but are really excited about living in Boston.  I am especially excited about living in an area of Boston that has so many opportunities for me to exhibit and sell my work.
  One area that we looked at this afternoon was the SOWA artist studios  We didn’t have time to look at the studios or meet any artists yet, but plan to get more familiar with the area within the next few visits.   Every Sunday from May to October, the SOWA neighborhood has an open market, with local artists selling their work.  There is also a juried Holiday Sale that Bob and I will check out in December that artists from all over New England come and sell work at Hopefully next year, I will be one of the artists at the Holiday sale.