Smaller Bowls

As you may have read from an earlier post, I have been making bowls from a slump and press mould for the past few months. I am very happy with the results so far, and they have been selling very well.  Ever since I made the larger (7″diameter) bowls, I have been wanting to make a slightly smaller version. The larger ones are nice for a generous portion of soup, cereal, or ice cream, but sometimes one just wants a smaller bowl.

I had been wanting to make a smaller bowl (6″) mould, but I just kept putting it off. Moulds take a few hours to make and a week or more to dry (depending on how thick and dense the plaster is).  And I can’t use the mould until it is almost completely dry. Making the mould was something that I knew I had to do, but there was always a reason why I didn’t get around to making it.

A friend came by for a visit in late September to purchase some work. She purchased a pitcher (similar one below), and asked for a set of  smaller bowls to go with it. At that point I hadn’t made the smaller mould, but her request for the set was a good reason to finally make it.



I have a bunch of these smaller sized bowls, in different patterns and colors, cooling in the kiln. They will be for sale at CRAFTBOSTON this coming weekend at the Cyclorama on Tremont Street. (See my “Events” page for times and dates). They are $32.00 each.