Living Room Must Haves

So as I mentioned the other week, we are moving to Boston.  And the place we will be moving to  doesn’t have as much storage space as we do now, so what does that mean?  It means we will have to pare down what we have, and bring with us only the “must haves”.  Today I am focusing on our living room.  Of course we will bring a few other things with us, but I am posting my favorites today. 
Our sofa is not from Athropologie ( I wish), but it actually looks a lot like it, different fabric of course. My husband and I bought it at an antique store/ coffee shop in Caledonia, NY.  It came with a chair and ottoman, and was only $325!  Some day I will reupholster it. (After all of our kids grow up).  I really do like the original gold velveteen fabric, but I think a velvet grey would look fabulous.  
The first year we were married, my husband bought me a cow hide rug for Christmas.  I love it, and it was a lot less than you might think.  He purchased it from Cowhides international online, (the link is below) and it was less than $300, as opposed to $600+ for the same quality in retail stores. The suzani pillow and Kilim rug were purchases from a trip I took to Turkey three years ago.

The Print is by Jillian Contreni-Sokso, a very good friend of mine.  I am so lucky to own a few of her prints.   The portrait of my husband was drawn by my sister, Sarah Morgan as a Christmas gift.  I designed and built the book shelves. And the tufted sofa was free, and I reupholstered it in a red silk.  Which I am now regretting as I have a one and a half year old.  Not shown in the images above is a star pendant light (15″diameter) that we purchased online.  It was only $80 with shipping! 
Starting from top left: Moroccan Star pendant light , Photos from our travels, phalaenopsis orchid, Sofa from anthropologie, Kilim rug, Grass basket, wooden serving tray, Suzani pillow, cowhide rug