Boston the South End

 This weekend my husband, son, and I are in the South End of Boston, looking at potential places to live.  Yes, we are moving.  (I will post more about it, once we get closer to the actual move.) We are sad to leave Rochester, NY, but are really excited about living in Boston.  I am especially excited about living in an area of Boston that has so many opportunities for me to exhibit and sell my work.
  One area that we looked at this afternoon was the SOWA artist studios  We didn’t have time to look at the studios or meet any artists yet, but plan to get more familiar with the area within the next few visits.   Every Sunday from May to October, the SOWA neighborhood has an open market, with local artists selling their work.  There is also a juried Holiday Sale that Bob and I will check out in December that artists from all over New England come and sell work at Hopefully next year, I will be one of the artists at the Holiday sale.

A European Adventure

  My parents will be traveling to Italy, Greece and Turkey next week, and I wish that I was going with them.   I had the opportunity to travel to Turkey two and a half years ago, and promised myself that I would go back, someday.  (Later this week I will post some pictures from that trip.)
   So, to send my parents off on their European adventure, I thought I would post some pictures of my ceramics from my Nautical series.  Although they will be flying to their destination and not sailing, I think that the imagery is still relevant to their upcoming travels abroad.

On a side note, I saw that Grace, from , posted illustrations by British Illustrator, Anne Smith, last week.  If you aren’t familiar with Anne Smith’s illustrations, you should check out her website .  I am sure that you have seen her work before.  Her work is just fabulous and wonderful!  Anyway, she has some illustrations of cups with ships on them, so I thought I would post these for Grace. 

Plates in Progress

  Often people will ask me. “how long does it take to make a plate, or a cup?  That is a hard question to answer, because the answer really is: “It depends”.
  I usually don’t make one cup at a time.  I will make 8 or more cups at a time, and then wait for them to dry (1 week or more), then I put them in the kiln to bisque fire them. (Bisque firing removes the water content in the clay, so that the water in the glaze will penetrate the clay wall and adhere to the surface of the pot allowing for a water tight surface.  The entire bisque firing, from beginning to end, takes 2.5 to 3 days).  Next, I wash them off, wax the bottom, and glaze them.  And finally they go into the glaze kiln for another 3 days.
  So to answer that question, whether I make 1 cup or 8 cups, it will take about 2 or more weeks.

  My teaching and “mommy” schedule is keeping me pretty busy, which means my studio time takes a back seat.  I did manage to get a few things made in the studio the other day, while Henri was napping.  Love nap time!  I am posting a couple of images of some plates and two pitchers that are drying and awaiting the first kiln firing.


The first entry

My hope for this blog is to share with you, and to document for myself, the way that life, travel, art, and design, influence my studio work.  I am a potter.  And I work in a tiny studio in our apartment, off of our kitchen, where I should be right now.  I try to work in my studio any chance I get, or at least 3 times a week (or while my son Henri is napping).  Right now I am working on a set of plates for a good friend of mine,  Julia Skop.  As soon as I get started,  I will post some pictures of my progress.